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  • Phone - 087 2485070
  • Dermot Killen
  • Phone - 086 2552047

Independent Assessors

Where an impasse has been reached in any dispute, sometimes an independent external assessor tuned to the needs of the parties can be invaluable.

What we do is give you the objective facts that will underpin any solution.

We carry out independent assessment of disputes in relation to resourcing, wage rates, grading, inability to pay, transfer of undertakings, performance and target review's, viability and other quantifiable issues.

We regularly work on behalf of the Labour court, Labour Relations Commission, Unions and Management or parties to a dispute.

What you have to do is agree with the other party that independent assessment is the way forward and simply contact us.

We will meet with you and agree how the assessment will take place.

We then give speedy answers to resolve the issues.

For further information please contact Tom at 087 2485070